Spring is almost here

Well spring is pushing against the odds and bursting into life, despite the tail end of the beast from the east also hitting this part of France. Days are getting warmer and the bike is out from hibernation and back on the road, although I was still out during the winter but the cold, wet weather was not the best incentive . I now see glimmers of what is the come with the warmer sunnier days teasing you, but before I know it the temperatures will sore into the 30’s and cycle rides to Brantome and a picnic lunch by the river will soon be realised. This part of the season is always busy as the houses and the grounds are prepared for the season. The lawn mower is prepped and ready to go and the 1st cut has already been done. There is nothing better than the smell of freshly cut grass to get you excited about the approaching summer months. The Iris’s are starting their ascent towards the promising blues skies and other plants and trees are awakening from their winter slumber. I love this time of year. More time spent outside. Just wish the rain showers would stop, but then again we will be praying for rain come July.